July goals

July 2015 Fit Goals: Push Through

I'm starting to sound like a broken record. A big fat F for my June goals. Which didn't help with my 4 months to fit goals either. Geesh! Let's see if I can get an A+ for July. We are taking a mini trip to my parent's this week for the holiday and when I get back I'll hit the ground running. … [Read More...]

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stay Fit on a Mountain Bike

How to Stay Fit on a Mountain Bike

This is a sponsored guest post. How to Stay Fit  & Have Fun on a Mountain Bike with Your Family! There is nothing more satisfying than getting out in the fresh-air and exercising with your family – except maybe exploring new and beautiful landscapes during that exercise. Taking a mountain biking trip is a great […]

Good Workout Music

Top Workout Songs: June 2015

The Top Workout Songs for June 2015 From Chris Lawhorn of Run Hundred, “Familiarity and freshness are key ingredients in a workout playlist. While songs from the former category provide reliable inspiration, those in the latter bring the dynamism. Thankfully, June’s top workout tracks feature a healthy balance of both. Starting on the familiar side of things, […]

Health & Weightloss

Are You Stuck?

Don’t Make It Harder Than It Has to Be

Are you stuck? Don’t make things harder than they have to be (I’m one to speak ha). When I think of making things harder than they have to be, the book What You Can When You Can written by my two friends Carla and Roni comes to mind. And if you read my post from yesterday about […]

Do You Struggle Too

Does Your Life Revolve Around Weight Loss & Fitness

Struggles with Weight Loss/Fitness I’ve been blocked. When it comes to working out, eating right and sharing it all, it’s become a struggle. I’m not exactly sure what it was but every time I thought about a workout or writing down what I was eating and then sharing my workouts for the week, it totally […]

Food & Recipes

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

How To Make Your Own Peanut Butter Cups

How To Make Your Own {Healthy} Peanut Butter Cups Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Ingredients 1 bag Vegan Chocolate chips (Trader Joe’s) Natural Peanut Butter (Costco) Vanilla Amazon.com Widgets Directions Place cupcake liners in a muffin pan. Add 1/2 bag of the chocolate chips to a microwave safe bowl and melt them in microwave for […]

National Running Day

National Running Day: Why Do You Run?

Today is National Running Day. A coast to coast celebration of running. Do you run? I don’t personally run but I sure give kudos to those that do. I have tried many times to do the run/walk thing but right now my knees just don’t support it. I walked a half marathon in Jamaica back […]

Family Life

Camp Angel

Summer Camp for Kids Affected by Cancer

This is a sponsored blog post; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Angel On My Shoulder to review this product. Summer Camps Help Kids Affected By Cancer Summer is just around the corner and while both kids and parents anxiously await a much-needed vacation, there are a […]

Washington, D.C.

Prepping for Our Trip to Washington, D.C.

I can’t believe I’m pretty much packed and it’s only Tuesday. We leave Friday for a non-stop crazy packed trip to Washington, D.C. It’s been a busy few weeks getting ready for our trip to Washington, D.C. I’m originally from Northern VA and went to D.C. a lot growing up. Rikaine from the Beans & […]