Coconut Oil: How I Love Thee!

Coconut Oil BenefitsNature’s Wonder: Coconut Oil Benefits & Uses

Coconut oil is one of nature’s most powerful wonders. It is readily available, extremely affordable, and offers many health benefits the average person probably would never consider.


In addition to imparting great flavor to food dishes, coconut oil has been known to:

  • Kill numerous bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Kill a number of parasites and protozoa
  • Prevent the spread of cancer
  • Fight infection and enhance the immune system
  • Suppress inflammation and repair body tissues
  • Promote weight loss
  • Moisturize the skin and condition the hair
  • Boost energy

Additionally, coconut oil is non-toxic for both humans and animals while having no harmful side effects.

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

One of the most exciting benefits of coconut oil is its ability to promote weight loss. Not only does it increase energy, but it helps the body burn fat more efficiently by temporarily boosting metabolism. The key lies in the molecular structure of the oil and how the body digests it. Coconut oil contains medium chain triacylglycerols (MCTs), which are shorter and more water-soluble than those in other oils. For this reason, they reach the liver more quickly and are burned for fuel rather than being stored as fat. To reap the benefits, use it for sautéing and in your morning coffee for a sustained energy boost.

I have absolutely loved using coconut oil when cooking lately.  The taste is amazing not to mention the aroma when cooking!  We have sauteed veggies and replaced regular olive oil and other oils in most dishes.  So tasty.

Coconut Oil for Beauty

Coconut oil is a great pre-wash conditioning treatment for your hair. The unrefined oil has a light, pleasant fragrance that won’t overpower your sense of smell. To use, massage the oil into your hair. Cover with a plastic cap and wait at least 2 hours before washing out with your favorite shampoo.

Coconut oil also makes an excellent skin moisturizer. Wash your face as normal. Then rub a tiny amount around your eyes to improve elasticity while minimizing dark circles. Use a very small amount to moisturize other dry areas/patches on your face. Also use the oil to moisturize your entire body after a shower or bath.

The oil may also be used to treat eczema, smooth the hair, and reduce the appearance of scars. Keep in mind a little goes a long way.

Type of Coconut Oil

For best results, select a coconut oil labeled ‘virgin’ or ‘extra virgin’. These oils are extracted using delicate methods such as cold pressing. They contain more antioxidants than other types, but they also have a stronger coconut flavor and aroma.

If you do not necessarily enjoy the taste of coconut, choose refined, or ‘expeller-pressed’, coconut oil. Refined oil has a higher smoke point and can be used in dishes where you do not want the coconut flavor. Before choosing a refined coconut oil, research brands and be sure to select one that doesn’t use harsh chemicals for refinement.

I had the opportunity to review the Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil (if you order by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil, and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.) so be on the lookout for the review in the next day or so.  THEN I’ll have a giveaway not too long after so you have a chance to try it as well.  You don’t want to miss that!

Do you use coconut oil?  If so, what is your favorite uses? recipes?


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    I love Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil. I use it primarily for my fish (I’ll admit it, I still like fried fish better than any other way of cooking it). I just dip the fish into milk, then flour, then back to the milk and into Panko crumbs… then into the coconut oil. Tastes delicious when it’s done (and even better as it cools!).

    I also found a recipe a couple years ago for making it into chocolate bites. They’re great for getting a “daily dose” AND satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time!

    Takes 2 TBSP Cocoa powder, 3 TBSP Coconut Oil, 3 TBSP Xylitol, 2 TBSP heavy Cream (optional if you’re a dark chocolate lover… I prefer milk chocolate). Melt the cocoa, oil and xylitol together, then add the cream. Then I pour a bit into each section of an ice tray. Then before you put it in the freezer, you can add almonds, peanut butter, peanuts, coconut… pretty much whatever you like… then freeze. When you want a piece, pop it out and eat. Keep them in the freezer though since coconut oil goes back to liquid so fast! You can also spread it out on some parchment paper and put it on a cookie sheet in the freezer… then just break it into pieces once it’s frozen and store in a container.
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