Fun facts about blueberries

Happy Friday! It’s time for your fit and healthy lifestyle tip.

This week I ran across a great post by Zesty Cook about blueberries.  I really enjoy blueberries but my favorite way to eat them is on top of oatmeal.  Either frozen or fresh blueberries are fine by me!

Today’s Tip:  Learn some fun facts about blueberries

facts about blueberries

In addition to learning about how to choose a good blueberry and other blueberry tips on Zesty Cook’s blog, I found some fun facts about blueberries too.  Did you know blueberries are also called “star berries”?  Each blossom end forms a 5 point star (thanks to Blueberrylane Farm for the fun fact)

According to my Superfoods for Dummies book Blueberries are a powerful antioxidant and help you body in several ways.

1) Help keep your heart healthy
2) Help prevent cancer
3) Help with vision
4) Keeps your mind sharp
5) Helps to prevent urinary tract infections

Not only are they low in calories but also a significant source of Vitamin C.  Yum!

Do you like blueberries?  What is your favorite way to eat them?

*photo courtesy of foodista


  1. Deano Power says

    Great Post Angie! I love Blueberries, now I have even more reasons to eat them. Thanks for Sharing. Deano

  2. says

    I was too late for Blog Her tickets too. You are lucky to be in Chicago though :)

    I love blueberries! I knew they were good for the body, but I had no idea that blueberries help with vision and keep your mind sharp.

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