My Week: Organizing and Simplifying

Organize and SimplifyFor the last two weekends, we have been sorting, organizing and simplifying.  I knew we had a ton of stuff (including tons of old papers, broken things, etc.) but I didn’t think it would take this long to go through.  We are not quite done but we do see the end in sight.  The guest room closet & guest bathroom closet is the last thing we’ll go through for now, before all the holiday’s.

My Jeep is packed up with a 2nd load to go donate to our friend’s thrift shop.  This time they get the living room coffee table.  It’s amazing the space we now have in there.  And we’ll be tossing the recliner loveseat over the deck this week too.  That is torn up by the cats so it will go into the garbage.

Last week, I did get a few workouts in and it felt good.  Easing back into it so there are no more injuries.  I feel so old, it’s always something it seems. I missed working out that is for sure.  I chose only treadmill walking and spinning last week.  And I think we’ll stick with that for a while until I feel stronger.

Didn’t really plan a menu for this week but I think it will go something like this:

Monday- Pizza

Tuesday- Salmon/veggies

Wednesday- Dinner out

Thursday- Dinner out (Pita Inn for our Thanksgiving)

Friday- Pasta dinner

This weekend we had oven baked veggie tacos.  I had found a recipe on Pinterest that was on our menu last week but I wanted to make it our own and that we did. It was soooo tasty!

I probably should have written down what all we did because people want the recipe now. I’ll have to go back through the process and write it down. I can’t wait to have them again.

So this Thursday for Thanksgiving, we’ll be here without family and not traveling so as of right now our plan is to have late lunch at the Pita Inn, a local Mediterranean restaurant.  It was so good when we went the 1st time a few weeks ago, we want to go back.  And we don’t usually do the Black Friday shopping but last year we went to grab a great deal at hhGregg ON Thanksgiving (I know, I know) and I’m thinking we’ll do that again this year.  And my neighbor told me that Babies R Us is doing some special deals that evening too so might have to see what goodies we can find for our granddaughter.

Oh and I can’t forget that it’s my plan to get the Christmas tree up and decorate Thursday/Friday because my stepson and his fiance will be here on Saturday. We’ll celebrate both of their birthday’s.  Good times!

So how did your week go? What is your meal plan for the week? Any special holiday plans?

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    Hi Angie!

    Like I said on Facebook, there is something very therapeutic about cleaning and organizing your stuff. I think it’s partly because cleaning and organizing is so concrete and you can have immediate feedback on your actions. it’s an antidote to today’s (overly) virtual living.

    I’ll wait for the veggie taco recipe… :-)
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