30 Day Shred: Days 26-28 Level 3

Here is an update on Days 26-28 of the 30 Day Shred.  I can’t believe it’s almost over but I’m honestly happy about it.  I feel much stronger now AND as you’ll see below I have finally been able to accomplish some of the moves I wasn’t able to do throughout the workout video.  YEA!  I’m not expecting to see a big change in weight or inches because I’m just now getting back into the swing of portion control and stuff so we’ll see.

Day 26-

After doing the 30 Day Shred after spin/cycle class and being totally exhausted on Saturday, I chose to wake up early before spin class today and it was MUCH better.  I’m glad I got up early, worked out and then had about an hour to breathe before spin class started.  Total difference.

July 26th

28 minutes
191 calories burned
Max Heart Rate: 89%/163
Average Heart Rate: 68%/125

Day 27-

Today was a good workout.  I was able to do some of the jumping lunges even though I have to take it easy due to knee issues but I was able to do it.  How exciting!  Still not able to do the rock star move in circuit 3 though and don’t think that will happen.  That’s OK.  I feel so much stronger today.

July 27th

28 minutes
190 calories burned
Max Heart Rate: 86%/157
Average Heart Rate: 69%/127

Day 28-

Ohh today was a great workout and I was a sweaty mess!  You should have seen my exercise mat yikes ha ha!  I did more of the jumping lunges and I was able to accomplish the butt kicks YES even while holding weights!  Still can’t do the rock star jumps but that’s OK.  Love the walking push ups sooo much and today I was able to do the non modified version of the plank rows with leg raises using 4 lb weights.  AWESOME move!  Sure it took me until almost the end of my 30 Day Shred workout video journey to do it but I’m pretty proud of myself.  I can’t believe I only have TWO days left.

July 28th

28 minutes
207 calories burned
Max Heart Rate: 89%/163
Average Heart Rate: 72%/132

Have you thought about taking the challenge and doing the 30 Day Shred? Let’s chat!

Hope you’re having a great week,


  1. says

    I am thinking of doing it again starting August 1 (I could start today though, right?!) 😀

    I still can’t jump too high on the rock stars either, and I still do the girl push-ups – Level 3 is actually my favorite – I hated level 2 for some reason!

    Biz’s last blog post..Spaghetti Squash and Spicy Meatballs

    • beth says

      I disliked level 2 also! Level three seems more fun and a tad bit easier on the knees. I mix this up between No Trouble Zones….40 minutes of killer workout, but very little knee impact!!!

      • says

        It’s been a while since I did the 30 Day Shred. I need to do it again. Haven’t tried No Trouble Zones but little knee impact sounds good. Thanks!

  2. Heidi Ho says

    I just started the 30 day shred. I am 43 years old and haven’t exercised in like 15 years! I am not overweight, but I am no muscle, all flab so my goal is to tone and regain my ab muscles. After day one, I was so sore I could barely go up and down stairs and ended up skipping two days. I just did the workout for the second time and it was a little easier so I will start doing it every day! Will see how I feel tomorrow!

  3. says

    Biz, I enjoyed level 2 the most. Isn’t that funny?

    Thanks Lisa and Sahar. And Carla, you would rock the 30 Day Shred big time.

    Heidi, way to go on starting the 30 Day Shred. I think you’ll be happy with the toning aspect of the workout. It gets easier with each passing day and if you need to modify moves, don’t hesitate to do so. Please be sure to let me know how it goes and keep us updated.

  4. says

    Hi there! I just started the 30-day Shred today, Level 1. I’m keeping track of my calories, but don’t own a HRM or Calorie Counter. I was wondering if you notice how many calories you burn on the 30-Day workout alone. I know it varies from person-to-person depending on build etc, but thought you might have a general idea since you are doing a great job of keeping track. Thanks!

    Noob Mommy’s last blog post..The B Word

    • says

      Way to go on starting the 30 Day Shred! I do use a heart rate monitor and you’re right the calories burned varies for everyone. I’m 230 lbs and I was burning anywhere from 180-250 calories each 30 Day Shred workout. Honestly my HRM settings were incorrect for most of the month so my calories burned were all over the place ha ha! I would say if you were to guesstimate (is that even a word? LOL) I would calculate somewhere in the 150-250 range.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog Noob Mommy!

  5. Noor says


    I came across ur blog while searchng for 30 days shred reviews – Im on LEvel 3 day 4 and I cant seem to do the rockstar jumps is it ok??And oh my knees are sore too at times bt since i have completed so much i might as well complete the 30 days.
    What were significat changes u saw?My weigths still the same!!

    i think im expecting too much!

    • says

      Way to go. You can definitely modify any moves you need to. Just be sure to watch those knees, you can do some damage if you’re not careful. I just did modifications personally.

      As for changes, I really didn’t see much either. More inch loss over weight loss so be sure to take measurements and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Not sure that I would do the workout again but you never know.

  6. Noor says

    Hey angie thanks so much for replying

    I just finished the workout after alot of pondering “To Do or Not To Do “(level 3 – day 4) – I just figured out why I was having those painful clickaty clack joints yesterday I was trying to do Natalie’s way the extra load on the knees on the first dayy of level 3 got to me i guess.I tried doing the beginner level today alongwith the other girl (forgot her name in my panting ) So right now my knees feel a lot better .Somehow somewhere in the back of the mind one feels doing the beginner level is quite inferior to ones ego …….god knows what got into me yesterday. My mind was saying “Hey I can do like that Natalie does it” – but the knees gave me a huge reality check . So better stick to beginner level.SIGH.n those the rock star jumps are so horrid I feel as if my neighbours might come knocking as whose probing an earthquake lol

    Ok nowI will be truthful to you over here the reason I have opted for this exercise is i have turned 30 – 2 years ago and suddenly i realized i cannot lose weight in the blink of an eye like i used to before the dreaded 3 0.Have a bit of love handles and a tummy all due the lazy lifestyle i live here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Im still stuck at 65 Kgs ( Im depressed Big time!My face has started showing weight,so I saw jillian michaels 30 shred reviews and with so many Results I thought to give it a try.Im expecting drastic unrealistic results here I know Im expecting too much!

    I dont eat much and god forbid have no weight gaining illness,i hate sweets,cant stand rice,Im an Indian and my diet has chappatis wch is Indian bread made from wheat and veg and curries.I have switched to Olive Oil recently and have been eating brown/bran/wholewheat breads.Have stopped Caffiene colas and fastfoods too, and have dramatically increased water hope it will help me

    Sorry to take too much of your time dear,but I really poured out my heart here!!Im having super weight blues

  7. Eileen says

    I am 63 and my daughter has had great results with the 30 day shred and I would love to have a go but wonder if my age would be an inhibitor – I am reasonably fit but haven’t done any exercise for as long as I remember – I am only a little overweight but would like to tone my body and be able to wear a bikini again – something I haven’t done since my pre children days and am now a grandmother !!

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