Have you heard of the Daily Burn website?

Get your fix at the Daily Burn, a fun online fitness/healthy lifestyle community.

I just found out about the Daily Burn website on this blog post by Tim Ferriss and I’m happy I did. The daily burn website has so much to offer. It’s basically a place to track your fitness, weight loss, food intake and more.  There are groups (weight loss for women, Wii Fit, etc) and forums (Fitness & Exercise, General Health, Motivation and more) plus much more.

The Daily Burn reminds me of The Daily Plate where I have been a member of for quite some time but it seems easier to get around within the Daily Burn website.  There is no fee to sign up but they do offer an affordable PRO account that I might look into at some point.

The initial reason I decided to check it out is because of the food scanner iPhone App they introduced this week.  I am so addicted to my iPhone it’s crazy.  You have to read about the food scanner App because it sounds pretty cool.  The App is available for purchase through iTunesicon.  And the other App they have is for iGoogle which I’m going to play around with to see what it’s all about.

Daily Burn has a blog too!

Have you heard of the Daily Burn website?


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