Sugar Detox Plan for Weight Loss

Sugar Detox Plan for Weight Loss

My friend Jedha is back with a great guest post on starting a sugar detox plan.  This is definitely something I need to do this year. I must cut down on sugar!

Try A Sugar Detox To Amp Up Your Weight Loss Results

Did you know that there are many hidden sugars in many commonly consumed foods? And it’s these sugars that may be directly impacting your weight management?

You see when we eat excess sugar it basically gets converted into fat in the body if it is unused. And because we don’t really need any excess sugar in our diet, this happens very easily.

So if you have been struggling to lose weight or if you want to simply amp up your results, then try a sugar detox plan for 21 days and just see how fast the results will come.

Here’s what you have to do.

1. Cut out all refined sugar

This is the most obvious form of sugar. The white or brown sugar that you may add to your coffee or breakfast cereal is a big no, no during your sugar detox.

2. Cut out all processed foods

Many processed foods contain sugar or sugar derivatives like high fructose corn syrup and so forth. These sugars cause massive weight gain and even in the smallest amounts can prevent you from shifting those excess pounds.

Yes, that means you have to stop eating fast food, most take out, commercially bought cereals, crackers, cookies, cakes, commercially bought sauces and condiments.  Have you ever stopped to read the food labels of the stuff you buy?

It contains many hidden ingredients that your body simply does not need. And these are often the ingredients that hold you back.

3. Cut out or largely reduce eating grains

Grains are heavy carbohydrates and although some of them such as brown rice, or whole grains may appear healthy, they can be a real problem for someone trying to regain control of blood sugar and get some excess weight off the body.

You see the carbohydrates from grains act exactly like sugar once they are digested and hit your blood stream. And inevitably the excess sugar gets converted to fat.

If you find it hard to cut out all grains during your sugar detox, then stick to small portions of whole grains as a starting point.

4. Minimize your fruit intake

If you can cut out fruit all together during your sugar detox, then do it. But if not limit your fruit to one piece a day and choose from low GI fruits like berries, melons or an apple.

Trust me, if you’re stuck on a weight loss plateau and you are still eating sugar or sugar filled foods, stop and you will get better results.

If you want to kick off a new weight loss plan and get good initial results that will spur you on to keep going, try a sugar detox. If you simply want to get more out of what you are doing now, try a sugar detox and just see what happens. It’s only 21 days so you’ve got nothing but success to experience by giving it a go!

This article is written by weight loss coach, Jedha. Jedha’s paleo diet blog has heaps of info about healthy weight loss, with real food that gets real results. You also can read more about the great benefits of when you detox from sugar.


    • says

      The whole thing about a sugar detox is that you work at your own level. People are addicted to sugar in different ways so you do the best you can at your own pace. I’m doing another detox now and every time I do it, it really amps up my results. If you try it, good luck :)

  1. James says

    When I first speak with a client for personal training, one of the first things I do is tell them to cut back on the unnecessary sugars. This takes a bit of time for them to do, but the results are that they start to see the numbers on the weight scale go down. Diet is such a big part of weight loss, and this article makes a lot of good points for anyone looking to shave off pounds.

    Thanks for sharing!
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