Whoa Challenging Week

Workouts for the week were pretty good considering that I had a lot going on and didn’t workout for 3 days. I am definitely going to try better this coming week.

I can’t believe we are starting week 7 of the Best Body Bootcamp with Tina over at Best Body Fitness.  I am getting ready to sign up with her for an additional 12 weeks so I’m excited about that.

The bootcamp has been really awesome!  What I have gained from it so far is learning how to do strength training on a consistent basis.  I have also been challenged to do different types of intervals, workouts and more.  I would highly recommend her affordable online personal training.

Would you like the chance to win a pedometer to start counting your daily steps?  Thanks to Rotary International, I get to give one away. Mine came in the mail this weekend so I’m going to start using it this week.  It’s a cool opportunity to help bring awareness to a special cause. You have a really good chance to win one!

Monday- Day off


* Strength/weights workout C (BBB)
Time: 22 min.
Calories burned: 131

*Core Circuit x 3 (BBB)
Time: 8 min.
Calories burned: 84

*BOSU workout
Time: 5 min.
Calories burned: 71

THIS is the BOSU workout I did and oh my!  I only got through 1 round and I wasn’t able to do the full jumping jacks (I was a bit nervous since my previous accident on the BOSU lol).  Be sure to check out her BOSU workout video.

Vertical knee raises: 10


*Strength workout A (BBB)
Time: 25 min.
Calories burned: 202

Time: 15 min.
Calories burned: 182

Vertical knee raises: 12

Today I just did not feel it.  I couldn’t get int the groove, sometimes you win some and you lose some.

Thursday-Friday- Nada!


*Treadmill intervals (x6)
Time: 36 min.
Miles: 2.02
Calories burned: 535

*Strength workout B (BBB)
Time: 28 min.
Calories burned: 276

Vertical knee raises: 12

Sunday- Day off

Whoa what a challenging week!  As you can see, I didn’t exercise every day. I really have no excuse but I was personally challenged with some biz and personal stuff.  I definitely need to work on making time to exercise even when things happen so I’m definitely going to work on that.

Next month my focus is going to actually be on NUTRITION.  I am struggling big time when it comes to choosing healthy all the time.  I may do some drastic changes  in May to challenge myself in that area.  Like giving up dessert (or at least my idea of dessert being ice cream or cookies).  I could really use a nutritionist that is for sure.  I know what I should be eating however when it comes to knowing what I should be getting as far as protein, fiber, etc. I have no clue.

Hope your workouts were fantastic!  I’m off to plan our meals for this week (another goal for May along with cooking!).  Hubby celebrates his 50th birthday this Wednesday and it’s going to be another busy week but I am going to try really hard to exercise 5 out of 6 days.

What is one thing you are struggling with this month?


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      Thank you so much! I LOVED your Bosu workout and I WILL manage to do 2 sets of it AND figure out how to brave the jumping jacks on it.

  1. says

    Looks like an excelled fitness week Angie!
    I love Bosu workouts; I teach an hour long class on it and am super vigilant for ‘accidents’!

    Have you used any of the online food tracker programs to help with nutrition? I really like myfitnesspal as a tool to see what i’m really eating and then as a menu planner.
    Tamara recently posted…Feeling better bootcamp workout: work, rest, repeatMy Profile

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      Thank you Tamara! I cannot even imagine doing a BOSU workout for an hour but I will one day.

      I have tried some food trackers but they all frustrate me. Well, maybe it’s keeping track and having to plug in everything that goes in my mouth. It helped me in the beginning but I got so frustrated by it. I am going to need to keep track some how though. I might start by just jotting down what I have each meal. I think it would be better if I had a list of what I need to make sure I eat (protein, veggies, etc.) so that I could just mark it off. I don’t know…

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