Start Using Resistance Training and Ditch the Dumbbells

Start Using Resistance Training and Ditch the Dumbbells

Would you like to take your workout efforts to the next level? Then you might want to give resistance training a try. A lot of people emphasize the importance of using weights. But you don’t need to lift weights to get lean and defined muscle. Using resistance bands is a great way to achieve your fitness goals.

Safety First

One of the best benefits of using resistance bands is they are a lot safer than lifting weights. It is easy to get injured when lifting weights if you use bad form. Using good form is always important to prevent injury no matter what type of exercise you are doing.

I had a workout fail the other week when doing military press because of bad form. During one of my reps I felt my back start hurting and I realized instantly that the pain in my back was from using bad form. You are less likely to get injured using resistance bands. If you drop your resistance bands on your foot it won’t hurt at all, but if you drop weights on your foot you might feel a different sensation.

Benefits of Resistance Training

There are a good many benefits of using resistance bands. Here is a short list.

  • Decrease body fat
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Target specific muscle groups or smaller muscle groups
  • Create resistance in different directions (you are limited to what directions you can lift with weights and weight machines)
  • Work your whole body
  • Take your show on the road – pack your resistance bands in your suitcase and don’t miss a workout (can’t take the gym with you)
  • Variety is the spice of life – incorporate many different variations to your workout with resistance training

Using Resistance Bands Help With Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

When using resistance bands you might first think about gaining strength. Yes you can get stronger using them but you can also prevent injury too. When working out you need to work isolated muscles. Using weight machines you are sometimes not able to hit these muscle groups. When you use resistance bands these under used muscles can become strengthened and prevent injury.

Resistance bands are used in rehabilitation of injuries all the time. I have worked in the medical field in the past and I saw patients using resistance bands to strengthen their muscles and rehab from injuries. I must mention that all the patients were elderly. So if it can work for the elderly it can work for anyone.

Resistance Training Equipment

By now I hope you are interested in giving resistance training a try. But you might be wondering what equipment do I need to buy? No worries. First, get some quality resistance toning tubes. When it comes to resistance toning tubes it is a good idea to pay for quality. I have made the mistake in the past and bought cheap ones and they eventually kicked the bucket on me.

Resistance toning tubes or more commonly called resistance bands are exactly what the lady is using in the picture at the beginning of the post. You also want to invest in some good strength bands, also known as power bands. Click here to see an example of power bands. I have no affiliation with Dick’s Sporting Goods. I just wanted to give a visual to what I am talking about. A picture is worth a thousand words.

One cool thing about buying a set of resistance bands is usually in the package you are provided with an exercise chart or two. That helps you get started right away using them and getting results.

No Room to Workout?

Are you not a member of a gym and need to workout at home? Don’t sweat it. You can use resistance bands at home and you don’t need a whole lot of room either. Usually you need a few feet of space or sometimes a door if you are using resistance bands with a door attachment.

Could using a long piece of latex really give me all these benefits? Yes. So what are you waiting for? Give resistance training a try and see how it will help you on your fitness journey.

Here is a short video to give you some ideas for resistance training with your resistance bands.

Matt Beavers blogs over at Fitness and Nutrition Solutions.  He helps inspire men and women in their weight loss and fitness journey’s and motivates them to meet their goals.

I met Matt at a business conference in August and knew I had to get him over here to guest blog for you all.  Perfect timing as I’m away so please help me welcome Matt!  You can also find Matt at Fitness and Nutrition Solutions on Facebook.


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    Resistance band training is a great new way to get toned up bigtime. However, I would still not ditch the dumbbells. Your muscles need weight resistance for lean muscle. Depending on your regime, incorporate both as desired.

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