Dancing=Good Mood

Another fabulous week with Best Body Bootcamp and all my workouts.  I am feeling so good and I’m watching my portions and trying to make the best food choices I can make. And I’m still keeping a food journal.

I’m even crock pot cooking twice a week (or I try to) and so far so good.  I have some kale and butternut squash to use up tomorrow so I’m going to try to do my own recipe and make a soup.  Should be interesting, that is for sure.  If it turns out, I’ll be sure to share the recipe.

Lost a pound this week! Here’s the update.

Current weight: 251
Previous weight: 252
Goal weight: 150-175

And workouts this week were awesome.  Doing that 10 min. of dancing before every workout has made a world of difference, not only does it help me warm up BUT it is fun so it makes my mood so much better.  Here are my workouts:

Monday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 8

Time: 10 min.

*Weights/Strength (Workout A upper body)
Time: 16 min.
Calories burned: 180

Time: 30 min.
Calories burned: 413

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Tuesday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 9

Time: 10 min.

*Core work
Time: 7 min (2 rounds)
Calories burned: 41

*Spinning Intervals
Time: 40 min.
Calories burned: 587

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Wednesday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 10

Time: 10 min.

*Weights/Strength (Workout B lower body)
Time: 28 min.
Calories burned: 285

Time: 25 min.
Calories burned: 306

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Thursday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 11

Time: 10 min.

*Core work
Time: 6 min. (2 rounds)
Calories burned: 53

*Spinning intervals
Time: 40 min.
Calories burned: 539

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Friday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 12

Time: 10 min.

*Weights/Strength (Workout C upper body)
Time: 17 min
Calories burned: 207

Time: 20 min.
Calories burned: 269

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Saturday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 13

Time: 10 min.

*HIIT workout
Time:24 min.
Calories burned: 342

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Sunday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 14

*Rest Day

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Had a lot of fun spinning and rebounding this week.  What was your favorite workout last week?

P.S. I’m looking forward to WEEK 3 of bootcamp.


  1. says

    I had a really awesome run last week. You know how sometimes you just get this burst of energy and everything seems to click into place? Well, I experienced that it was so lovely! Keep up your fantastic work, you seem to be kicking butt 😉
    Olivia Hill recently posted…EXCITING EXCITING NEWSMy Profile

  2. says

    You kicked butt last week! I love that you are dancing around for 10 minutes as a warm up! I am seriously going to try that tomorrow morning! I’ve been a little sluggish getting going on the AM workouts, since I normally run after work. I think a little jam-sesh with the iPod will work wonders!
    Mary recently posted…Welcome to Charm City!My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Mary! This dancing thing is so much fun. Thankfully no one sees me do it but it’s a great warm up and fun to cut loose a bit. Can’t wait to hear how your jam sesh goes.

    • says

      Thanks Carrie! The soup last night didn’t turn out (I did add butternut squash/kale and other veggies to it) but I’ll keep trying. I should have just made the kale chips ha ha

  3. says

    Doing great Angie! I’m loving the strength workouts – particularly A + C from weeks 1-2…

    And more than the workouts… I’m loving the community of BBB!

  4. Ashley says

    My favorite workout was doing interval training, sprint for 200 yards, jog/walk for 400 yards and repeat. Ending up doing around 5 miles – got the best runners high of my life.

  5. says

    Dancing as a warm up?! Sign me UP, sister! Sounds fun! I think sometimes we forget about the joy of moving our bodies, like we do when we are kids. Thanks for the reminder!

    My favorite workout last week was the scorpion. They were unexpectedly challenging, and this SICKO loves that 😉

    What is rebounding?
    Megan recently posted…Curing Grocery Store ConfusionMy Profile

    • says

      I just knew you would love it! It’s been a lot of fun.

      Oh the scorpion, I didn’t have that one on my personal plan but it looked crazy. Maybe one day!

      Rebounding is the mini indoor trampoline. So.much.fun.

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