Weigh In & Measurements November 2012

Checking in about a week late with my numbers.  I said I would stay accountable so here we go.

As of today 11/28/12, I have lost another pound. But like I say, the scale does NOT define me and I am more excited about the loss of inches, body fat and BMI numbers.

I do get really sad when I see people stress over the numbers on the scale.  It could be a number of variables.  The scale could be off a bit, a woman’s time of the month, muscle, the list goes on.  Don’t sweat the scale, just go SWEAT *wink*

So here’s the update…

As of 11/22/12 (Thanksgiving morning)

Weight: 251 (-1)

Waist: 47 (-1)

Hips: 49

Bust: above 46 (-1.5)

Bust: across 49 (+1)

I have got to figure out this bust measurement thing ha ha

Right bicep: 14 (-1)

Right thigh: 26.2 (-1.8)

Body Fat %= 46.6 (-.4)

BMI= 43.3

*Body fat and BMI calculated with an Omron fat loss monitor

Weight has fluctuated over 4 weeks.  Total inch loss: 5.7.

I’m happy with the changes so far.  It’s not much but it’s a start in the right direction.

Do you take monthly measurements?

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