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Menu PlanningI’m not very good at sticking to meal plans but I did write up some for this week.  I have been under the weather with the flu so I need to make it an easy plan this week.

I don’t know what days we’ll have what but these are the ideas I have for this week.  Kev went to the grocery store last night so we are stocked up for pretty much a month I think.  Of course we’ll need fruits/veggies and things like that but we plan to figure out meals from everything we have here at home.

We don’t plan to have many meals out.  We came home from our Oklahoma trip to a broken heater.  Poor pets!  So needless to say we had to do an emergency call in to a heating company since it was the coldest 2 days Chicago has had.  Our neighbor did her best and brought up our heaters from the home gym (garage) to the living space upstairs.  It was so cold when we got home but we drove 12 hours straight back from Oklahoma to take care of things.

Anyway, we’ll need to be saving some money to make up for the $520 we shelled out to get that fixed.  It never fails, always something.

Here are the tentative dinner plans for this week:

  • Pizza
  • Black bean/Quinoa wraps
  • Crab Tostadas
  • Stir fry over Basmati rice
  • Lettuce wraps (shrimp or tofu for me, chicken for Kev)
  • Fish, cauliflower mashed potaotes, veggie

We’ll probably do more juicing as well.  I’m going to limit my desserts again like I did a few months ago.  I would like to only have fresh juice, Greek yogurt and things like that.

But all things in moderation so if I do have special goodies, I will watch my portions.  Sound like a plan?

What’s on your menu this week?


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    Sounds like a great plan! I sure wish I could do this (and actually follow through with the cooking) it just doesn’t work for me! I sure hope you’re feeling better…this year is just the worst! I’ve been juicing with my Nutribullet too and loving it!
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      Thanks! We never end up following the plan so I just put some ideas up, not a daily meal list.

      I’m still sick and it’s no fun. I want to get back into the gym! Love my Magic Bullet for smoothies but the Nutribullet is on the wish list.

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      Oh I totally stink at it too. Never can stick with what I plan initially.

      Well the crab tostadas were not that great (the tostada we made was good though, dropped a tortilla into a bit of hot oil). Don’t even know if it’s blog worthy lol I did a search online and there were a lot of variations.

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