Daily Workout Log for the Week

Daily workout logThis week didn’t turn out at all how I envisioned when it came to workouts but I just keep going.  I did fine until Friday & Saturday.  My normal day off was Thursday but then I fell off the next two days.  I had good intentions for a Sat. workout but we had to do taxes and run errands afterwards.  So I did not fit it in.

The workouts I did do were decent and I felt good after them.  This is my last week until Best Body Bootcamp starts, April 1st on my birthday whoo hoo!  And some of us Polar ambassadors are having a calorie burning challenge amongst ourselves in April so I need to kick some bootay.

I’m still looking for other April challenges so if you know of any coming up, I would like to do a blog post on them.  Are you participating in any April challenges?

Here are my workouts for the week:


*Upper Body workout
Time: 15 min.
Calories burned: 171

The Upper Body Burnout workout was really good.  I kept switching back and forth between 7 and 10 lb weights on some moves.

Time: 30 min.
Calories burned: 454

25 squats and 100 exercise ball crunches


*Lower body/abs
Time: 20 min.
Calories burned: 195

25 squats and 100 exercise ball crunches

I did not feel like warming up the home gym today so I quickly did the exercise ball crunches in there and the rest upstairs.  I did another ExerciseTV workout on our Samsung Smart TV. It was really good but it kept hanging and stopping, then starting so I finished up the last few minutes with stuff I made up myself.  Had a lot to do today but didn’t want to miss a workout so although short, I still did it.  Proud of that!


Time: 30 min.
Calories burned: 421

25 squats and 100 exercise ball crunches

Falling apart today, had a major headache and am really tired.  Had to push myself to do this workout BUT I did it!

Thursday-Saturday- No workouts


Time: 30 min.
Calories burned: 401

25 squats and 100 exercise ball crunches

This week my goal is to get in 5-6 days of workouts.  I would also like to add in at least 2 days of boxing.

How were your workouts last week?  What are your goals for this week?


  1. Allison says

    Athena over at Fitness and Feta is doing an April Arms challenge. I did her January abs challenge and it was great!

    • says

      Thanks! We do miss the spin class atmosphere but we got a great deal on two spin bikes a few years ago so jumped at the chance since we were going to remodel the garage into a home gym anyway. It’s such a great workout!

    • says

      Thank you Laura! I just couldn’t get it in and I was totally beating myself up over it on Saturday. Had to just let it go. Got in a good workout today so that made up for how mad I was ha

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