Our Menu for this Week

Menu PlanningGoing to try and use everything we have at home and not do any grocery store stops this week.  Picked up a few things at Walmart this weekend like tomatoes and spinach but going to dig in and use what we have at home.

We’ll keep a few things we usually have on the menu plan like breakfast for dinner, veggie burgers and pizza. Here’s the tentative plan.

Monday- Breakfast for Dinner (we are thinking waffles)

Tuesday- Veggie burgers (moving over from last week since we didn’t get a chance to make them)

Wednesday- Pizza

Thursday- Seafood Tacos

Friday- Spaghetti and Meatballs (veggie of course) plus garlic bread & salad with homemade dressing

I would also like to make a banana bread and these homemade Fig Newton’s since I have not had a chance to make them yet. We’ll see how the week goes and if I have time.

Do you have any healthy banana bread recipes?

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