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Had a pretty good week.  I’m really proud of myself for sticking with the 6 day a week workout goals while I’m not traveling.  Starting in Jan. I’ll be traveling again so I’ll revisit my goals then.

And I have made some really good food decisions although I obviously still have a long way to go.  I’m loving how I feel right now so I just need to keep pushing forward.

I did lose another pound this week! Happy about that but keeping fingers crossed I see a difference when I measure later this week.  THAT is most important to me.

Here are the stats.

Current weight: 249
Previous weight: 250
Starting weight: 252
Goal weight: 150-175

Monday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 22

Time: 10 min.

*Weights/Strength (Workout A upper body)
Time: 14 min.
Calories burned: 136

Time: 31 min.
Calories burned: 437

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Tuesday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 23

*Turbo Fire (HIIT 25)
Time: 25 min.
Calories burned:342

Time: 10 min.

*Core work
Time: 10 min.
Calories burned: 112

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Wednesday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 24

*Weights/Strength (Workout B lower body)
Time: 27 min.
Calories burned: 339

Time: 25 min.
Calories burned: 364

Oh my legs are burning today!  Had to really push through the workout today, it wasn’t easy.  Some of the moves called for holding that particular move until fatigue and let me tell you WOW

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Thursday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 25

*TurboFire Core workout
Time: 20 min.
Calories burned: 158

*Spinning intervals
Time: 20 min.
Calories burned: 273

Had a really bad headache when I went into the home gym to workout.  Pushed through the core workout and almost talked myself out of doing spinning intervals.  BUT I knew that in the past every time I exercise with a headache it’s gone by the end or soon after.  I kept going and it was totally gone after my shower.  So thankful I ignored the ugly chatter in my head.

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Friday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 26

*Weights/Strength (Workout C upper body)
Time: 32 min.
Calories burned: 399

Crazy intense strength workout. I even had to go from 10 lbs to 7 lb weights for two of the moves in the last set.  WOW my arms are burning!

Time: 20 min.
Miles: 1.17
Calories burned: 340

1 personal BBB goal accomplished: YES

Saturday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 27

Time: 31 min.
Calories burned: 421

1 personal BBB goal accomplished: YES

So this was the end of week 4 of Best Body Bootcamp and my personal training.  Ready to rock the new personal training plan Tina has sent me and the next 4 weeks of bootcamp.  Tomorrow also starts the beginning of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. You can join in any time.  And please use my name (Angie Newton) as your referral.

Love Sunday rest days!  We really had no plans today which was nice but we did get out to buy me a new office desk (I was getting so tired of the corner desk) and we got some new garland for the Christmas tree plus some holiday door mats.  Kev wanted to get a few air blown decorations for the front yard but we decided against it.  Might have to go back and get some, there was the most adorable helicopter with Santa driving it.  Almost all of them were under $100 so one or two might be OK.

Hopefully I’ll have the Christmas tree and decorations up this week.  I have been listening to Christmas music for over a week now.  So excited to be home this holiday season!

Do you take a rest day? Have any standout workouts this week?



  1. Great job Angie! I usually rest twice a week, I’m starting a new program/schedule this week as well! Yay for Christmas decorations, we watched the Grinch tonight…love it!
    Kristin recently posted…NeoCell Sport Winner & A New ChapterMy Profile

  2. I’m a fellow 6-day a week workout fan too. I choose Saturdays as my rest day and just totally relax! Way to go on the weight loss so far!
    Courtney recently posted…3 Year Later….My Profile

    • Thanks Courtney! I used to only workout 5 days a week but I need to kick it up a notch. I have some big goals ya know? I do look forward to the rest day, it’s really nice.

  3. it took me a long time to realize that the scale wasn’t the only measurement. good for you realizing that it’s about measurements and well just accomplishing things like sticking to your schedule!
    Amanda recently posted…NO Really, running makes me this happyMy Profile

    • Thanks Amanda! I am totally amazed at how many people believe the scale is the end all be all. I truly believe it hinders their weight loss when they focus so much on it. Daily weigh in’s, I just don’t get it. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t fall into that trap.

  4. I do take LOTS OF REST days.
    Im an intuitive exerciser so why my body demands—I do :-)
    Miz recently posted…My tattoo stories.My Profile

    • Good for you! You know, if I needed any extra days of rest I would take them. But I have such a great training plan that is perfect for me that I feel good all week. Never used to be like this and I would always overdo it then pay for it.

  5. Love seeing another great week on the books!
    Tina recently posted…Aiming for NormalMy Profile

  6. Congrats on the loss, on exercising on the road, and on making better food decisions. I can tell you are working very hard for this.
    Abby recently posted…Broken ankle?My Profile

  7. You are really inspiring me, keep up the good work!

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