Looking Back, Looking Forward

Looking Back

We had a lot going on this past year and are ready to put it behind us.  Quite a few family members had major health issues so 2011 wasn’t the best year for us and was pretty challenging.

My father in law had a major stroke and many didn’t believe he was going to make it OR even ever go home if he did but he fought hard and was able to go home this past week.

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A Typical Day on the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

If you haven’t heard of the paleo diet, you can read the What is the Paleo diet? post I wrote for Angie last week where I explain what the paleo diet is in more detail. But today I wanted to share what a typical day might look like on the paleo diet.


Because people who have never heard of the paleo diet always wonder exactly what you might eat when you can’t eat all those non paleo diet foods. So to make it easy I thought I’d just include some pictures of what a typical day of paleo meals might look like on my plate.

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Travel Week Workouts 12/12/11

This week was a travel week so I did the best I could considering I also fell down on some gravel here in FL while on my business trip (I know, clutz lol) and hurt my left leg and knee.  I’ll survive and it’s been a real nice stay here but I’m ready to get home to my hubby and my own bed.  I don’t ever sleep very well without him so I’m exhausted.

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Fun Finds This Week

Here are some fun finds for this week!

MentorMob.com organizes the best content for eating right over the holiday season in playlist form, so weight-loss seekers do not have to spend time sifting through endless articles and ultimately finding bad fits.  Here is their playlist page for health and fitness and you can search for healthy eating playlists too.

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What is the Paleo diet?

What is the Paleo diet?

The background of the paleo diet is built around the premise that our genetics have not changed too much since the Palaeolithic era, otherwise known as the caveman era. Palaeolithic researchers have gone into proving that this phenomenon is true and that many of our modern food sources are the key problems in the development of diseases such as weight gain/obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so forth.

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Bolognaise with Cabbage Noodles

Here is a guest recipe post from my friend Jedha. She is a Paleo weight loss coach.  To be honest, I have no idea what the Paleo diet is but hopefully Jedha will share more about that in another guest post.

We look forward to having her guest post here often.  Please do welcome her to Losing It and Loving It.  We hope you enjoy her recipe!Read More