The Paleo Diet: Weight Loss Meal Plans

Your Own Personal Paleo Weight Loss Meal Plans

My friend Jedha has an awesome product for Paleo meal planning.  I’m not personally following Paleo to a T but I do like some of the meal options.  So healthy.

I’m most excited because the meals are simple for someone who doesn’t cook. That would be me!  I have been cooking a bit lately and so far so good.

I only started planning our meals a few weeks ago and haven’t been too sure about planning meals out in advance.  Probably because I have to come up with the meals every week. That’s what I like about Jedha’s e-book product, she has it all laid out for you.  My kind of meal plan!

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Sugar Detox Plan for Weight Loss

Sugar Detox Plan for Weight Loss

My friend Jedha is back with a great guest post on starting a sugar detox plan.  This is definitely something I need to do this year. I must cut down on sugar!

Try A Sugar Detox To Amp Up Your Weight Loss Results

Did you know that there are many hidden sugars in many commonly consumed foods? And it’s these sugars that may be directly impacting your weight management?

You see when we eat excess sugar it basically gets converted into fat in the body if it is unused. And because we don’t really need any excess sugar in our diet, this happens very easily.

So if you have been struggling to lose weight or if you want to simply amp up your results, then try a sugar detox plan for 21 days and just see how fast the results will come.

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A Typical Day on the Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet

If you haven’t heard of the paleo diet, you can read the What is the Paleo diet? post I wrote for Angie last week where I explain what the paleo diet is in more detail. But today I wanted to share what a typical day might look like on the paleo diet.


Because people who have never heard of the paleo diet always wonder exactly what you might eat when you can’t eat all those non paleo diet foods. So to make it easy I thought I’d just include some pictures of what a typical day of paleo meals might look like on my plate.

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What is the Paleo diet?

What is the Paleo diet?

The background of the paleo diet is built around the premise that our genetics have not changed too much since the Palaeolithic era, otherwise known as the caveman era. Palaeolithic researchers have gone into proving that this phenomenon is true and that many of our modern food sources are the key problems in the development of diseases such as weight gain/obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and so forth.

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Bolognaise with Cabbage Noodles

Here is a guest recipe post from my friend Jedha. She is a Paleo weight loss coach.  To be honest, I have no idea what the Paleo diet is but hopefully Jedha will share more about that in another guest post.

We look forward to having her guest post here often.  Please do welcome her to Losing It and Loving It.  We hope you enjoy her recipe! [Read more...]