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Home this week from the gym and other works because I have pulled a muscle somewhere across the chest area (can’t remember what hubby called it) and it’s painful.  Had to change my ONE personal training sesh this week to next week.  Was really hoping to get there today but it just wasn’t happening.  Doesn’t look like I’ll get my FitBlogger goal in either. Boo!  So to get over feeling down for not being able to workout and learn how to give in and let myself heal, I was reading about the 400 pound man who completed the L.A. marathon last weekend.  I’m sure you have heard of him right?

I have been reading about it on various sites and I can’t believe some of the rude comments people are leaving on these news articles.  I for one am very proud of him for setting a goal and accomplishing it.  I’m excited to learn that he jogged the first 8 miles and walked the rest.  You go Kelly!  And this was his 2nd marathon.

Just 3 months ago I walked a half marathon in 4 hrs and 30 min. (you can read my story on the Reggae Marathon blog) and know what it’s like to be last although I did read that there were 6 people behind him? I didn’t care that I was last but instead was proud to have finished.  I was also lucky to have a great support system!

I was just commenting today on a blog about how we can still be FIT even if we are overweight.  There are some small/thin people who are not fit at all so it makes me upset to hear the naysayers making nasty comments.  Anyway, I just felt the need to write about this gentleman because I think it’s cool that he accomplished what he set out to do.  Now I did read somewhere that he boasted about eating 8 Big Macs in a single sitting and I think that is absolutely unhealthy and gross and not something I would be proud to announce but I don’t think it’s his desire to lose weight anyway.

Here are some of the articles I found on this story:

L.A. Times

Yahoo! Sports

You can see a video about him in this Huffington Post article.

Fox Sports

What is one of your biggest accomplishments?


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