Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Time for your Friday Fit and Healthy Lifestyle Tip.  This week’s tip came up from my mom wanting to know more about the benefits of exercise bikes so I did some research, found some great info and decided to pass it on to you.

Today’s Tip: Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are an excellent cardio workout and are low impact, easy on the knees, ankles, joints and back.  It’s a safe exercise and strengthens and tones the legs and glute muscles, working mostly the lower body.  An exercise bike is ideal for those that are overweight or new to exercise.  I started on the bike when we first joined a fitness center and it was great for me to start out with.

There are two different types of exercise bikes:

Recumbent exercise bike-

The recumbent exercise bike has pedals in the front of the bike rather than on the sides like the upright exercise bike.  The seat is wide and has handle bars on each side.  There is a back rest so you are in more of a reclining position.  This bike is good for those who may have back problems as the seat position is more comfortable for the user.  As far as the seat goes, your bottom won’t be as sore as on an upright exercise bike.  Many people also feel you get a slower and less intense workout.

Upright exercise bike-

The upright exercise bike is like a traditional bike but stationary.  This bike allows for more movement.  You can sit leaning over using race type positions and you can stand up like when you are on a spin bike.  An upright exercise bike is usually less expensive than a recumbent exercise bike.

On the more higher end recumbent and upright exercise bike models, you can monitor your speed, miles, calories burned, heart rate, set your chosen resistance and you can pre-program workouts.

The only negatives that I can see to exercise bikes are they work mostly just the legs and, are not a high calorie burn option (depending on your intensity of course) and you could tend to get bored cycling.

My personal preference is the recumbent exercise bike.  It’s just more comfortable to me and it’s the only piece of cardio equipment that I can read on and still get a decent workout.  Plus, I do 3-4 days a week of spin classes using an upright spin bike.  As you know, I like to change things up all the time.

Do you use exercise bikes and if so what type is your preference?


  1. says

    Fantastic information. I have seen many people benefit from the bike…personally I prefer a run or step climber. If I have aching joints or an injury I will do non impact like the bike or elliptical. Have a nice weekend!

    Mark’s last blog post..Did You Know?

  2. says

    I am in love with the bike that I purchased for my fitness studio. I have a knee injury and can no longer run for the moment. The recumbent just doesn’t put me in the aggressive posture I need to work hard. Fortunately this bike can still give me a great workout and still maintain the feeling of being on my road bike. I love it!!

    Ben’s last blog post..Simple Carbs-they just aren’t that simple any more…

  3. Keith (My Body Fat Blog) says

    I do all my cardio on a upright exercise bike, and your right it does get extremely boring at times especially if your doing long workouts.
    I workout at home so I combat the boredom by listening to music and watching the TV.
    I’ve tried recumbent bikes in the past but I wasn’t that keen, I feel like I get a much better workout on the upright model.

    Keith (My Body Fat Blog)’s last blog post..Fat Loss Food and Drink

  4. says

    Hi Keith! I think you definitely get a better workout on the upright bikes.

    Thanks Mark, we did have a nice weekend although it was basically Spring cleaning for us. The whole house is spic n span and ready for my mom and dad to arrive TODAY, yea!

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