Addicted to Spinning

Today is my birthday!  An April Fool’s baby and proud of it. I’m so excited about this next phase of my life.  I’m not worried about getting older, I’m going to embrace it and make it the best years of my life.  Although it will be hard to top the last 15 with the most awesome hubby on Earth.

This weeks workouts were really good!  I think I’m getting addicted to spinning again. It’s a real good calorie burn and I can change it up all the time (steady state, intervals, etc.)  There are some spinning workouts on DVD that I would love to try.

Other than spinning, my bootcamp and personal training workouts were awesome.  I can’t believe this ends week FOUR.

Just got my new plan for the next 4 weeks from Tina at Best Body Fitness and I’m REALLY stoked.  Lots of fun, HARD moves. Going to bump up the intensity a bit.

Oh and I’m going to be treating myself to an additional 12 weeks of personal training with Tina. OK so on to this weeks workouts…


*Mowing the lawn
Time: 1:08
Calories burned: 893

Oh yes it’s that time again if the weather stays nice in IL. I love mowing the lawn because it’s a great workout!


*Strength workout A (BBB)
Time: 28 min.
Calories burned: 239

*Elliptical intervals (BBB)
Time: 20 min.
Miles: 1.21
Calories burned: 300


Time: 45 min.
Calories burned: 590

Thursday- Day off


*Functional Training 50/10 (BBB)
Time: 9:30
Calories burned: 120

Oh my goodness!  That was 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest.  Weeks 1-3 were not as hard but this one kicked my butt.  It takes me 10 seconds just to get off the darn floor.  Need to work at this.

*Spin Intervals (3-2-1) (BBB)
Time: 30 min.
Calories burned: 459

Saturday- Day off


*Strength workout B (BBB)
Time: 24 min.
Calories burned: 144

Time: 26 min.
Calories burned: 321

Trying to remember to post a picture after every workout on my Tumblr page.  My FitFluential peeps want to stay accountable to one another so we tweet with the hashtag #fitfluential and #PROOF.  Get on the train with us!  And don’t forget to come over to my Facebook page for daily accountability.

Still planning out my April goals so I’ll probably do a post on that this week.

How did your workouts go this week? What was your favorite workout?


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