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Happy Sunday!  Here we are at the end of another week.

It was another great week for Best Body Bootcamp.  Excited that I hit my goals for week 3 and ready to kick butt in week 4.  My two goals last week were to have fruit/veggies at every meal and to take time for myself.  I only missed each once so I’m impressed.

This coming week, I’ll be keeping the goal for fruit/veggies at every meal (I really struggle with that) and adding back in my goal from week 2 of eating dinner at home.

I have been cooking here and there (mostly crock pot) and actually just made myself dinner tonight which turned out great.  It’s a cabbage and vegetarian sausage meal. Got the inspiration for the cabbage part from my friend and CEO of FitFluential, Kelly Olexa.  A meal where I didn’t follow a recipe?  Don’t fall over lol I’ll be sure to share it this week!

Almost forgot to weigh in (you can see how important the scale is to me lol).  But I lost another pound this week.  Here’s the update:

Current weight: 250
Previous weight: 251
Starting weight: 252
Goal weight: 150-175

I feel really good these days.  The more we stop making excuses and just get IT done, the better life is.  Believe me!  You CAN make time to exercise no matter what your situation is. Make it happen!

Speaking of exercise, here are my workouts for the week.  How did you do?

Monday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 15

Time: 10 min.

*Weights/Strength (Workout A upper body)
Time: 14 min.
Calories burned: 138

*Elliptical & Treadmill (15 min. each)
Time: 30 min.
Miles: 1.61
Calories burned: 473

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Tuesday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 16

Time: 10 min.

*Core work
Time: 10 min.
Calories burned: 102

I added some extra moves to this after doing 2 rounds of the bootcamp moves.

*Spinning Intervals
Time: 35 min.
Calories burned: 533

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Wednesday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 17

Time: 10 min.

*Weights/Strength (Workout B lower body)
Time: 24 min.
Calories burned: 292

Time: 15 min.
Calories burned: 198

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Thursday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 18

*Turbo Fire workout
Time: 30 min.
Calories burned: 471

Today I tried Turbo Fire and loved the first workout (I love Turbo Jam so I knew I would enjoy it).  It’s a rushed day BUT I still made time to get a short workout in.

1 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Friday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 19

Time: 20 min. (10 before workout, 10 after)

*Weights/Strength (Workout C upper body)
Time: 34 min.
Calories burned: 417

Total sweat fest!  This one was a bit more intense than usual.  It called for me to do all the moves for 60 seconds of reps and it was crazy.  And I upped my weights this week so that made it even harder. BUT it felt great.  Since I had my eyes dilated for the 1st time the night before I was feeling a bit nauseous so I didn’t proceed with spinning like I had planned.  But I still got a great workout in!

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Saturday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 20

*TurboFire (HIIT 20)
Time: 20 min.
Calories burned: 277

*TurboFire (Stretch)
Time: 10 min.

Great workout! Quick and sweaty, love those kinds.

1 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

Sunday-Best Body Bootcamp Day 21

*Day off

2 personal BBB goals accomplished: YES

And the weekly question…

What was your favorite workout this week?


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    NICE Nice job on the work outs lady!! What did you get to today? I have recently been going around town sampling pilates classes! The best part is that most places the first class is free! My friend and I must have tried out 10 so far… And this Wednesday we are trying a spin class, which I very well may die in… AH HA HA HA! Hope you have a stunning rest of your Sunday! :)

    • says

      Thank you very much! Today was a strength/weights workout and spinning oh and some dancing.

      Kev and I love Pilates (we used to do the classes at the gym) and want to get back into them here in our home gym. Great workout. Oh and spin, my FAVORITE, you will not die lol

    • says

      Thanks Carrie! I have a personal plan with Tina so I don’t have ladders or split squats. I imagine it’s due to my knee situation? I don’t know but I have heard great things about those lol

      I’m hoping for some inch loss when I do my monthly measurements Thanksgiving morning. Keep your fingers crossed!

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