This Weeks Healthy Meal Plans

menu planHad a hard time coming up with all the meal plans this week.  It’s going to be a busy week so I kept it pretty simple!

Hopefully the lentil loaf will be simple.  I really want to make it and have it turn out good.

Oh and last week hubby’s favorite meal, that he can’t stop talking about was the Sweet Potato Quinoa Black Bean Burgers with Cranberries that I made.

After this week, I think we’ll do a new veggie burger every week.  Lindsay has some yummy burger recipes that should be fun to try.

Here’s this week’s menu:

Monday- Breakfast for Dinner (probably Sweet potato pancakes)

Tuesday- Lentil loaf with cauliflower potatoes and veggie

Wednesday- Tuna & Soup

Thursday- Fish, baked potato, veggie

Friday- Tacos

Trying to use what we have on hand instead of doing any more grocery shopping for a while.  Breakfasts will mostly be Visalus protein shakes with banana for both hubby and myself.

As for lunches, I hardly know what’s in store. Sometimes I just don’t feel like eating anything big so I’ll have protein shakes but I want to be able to start sending lunch to work with Kev. That means we’ll need to start doing Sunday meal prep for the week.

I have been really inspired by all the food prep posts on The Lean Green Bean.  Now I just need to get hubby on board so I don’t have to do it all myself LOL

What is on your menu this week? Have you found any awesome recipes lately?

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    • says

      It is sooo good isn’t it? A new veggie burger each week, might just try that starting next week. I prefer the ones you bake so I’ll be on the hunt, I guess you could bake any of them instead of pan fry.

  1. Jen says

    Hi Angie! Had your lentil loaf yesterday and it was amazing! Made it with some potatoes on the side with a side salad with some sesame seed dressing. Yum! Thanks for the meal plans 😀

    • says

      Jen I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the lentil loaf. I would like to make another and use BBQ sauce on top and have potatoes on the side. Yum!

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