Meal Plan Week of April 8th

Menu plansHaving a hard time coming up with ideas for meals this week. We have a busy week ahead so needless to say we should have planned better.

Yesterday we went out and bought a new dishwasher that will be delivered tonight and picked up a new microwave too.  Both of our current ones are about to bite the dust so it was time.  The next big kitchen purchase has to be a fridge. Lots more saving to do after our summer vacation!

Here’s the tentative plan so far:

Monday- Tuna and Soup

Tuesday- Shrimp pasta w/garlic biscuit bread

Wednesday- Waffles

Thursday- Fish Tacos

Friday- Homemade veggie burgers/sweet potato fries

Nothing too exciting! BUT the Anne Burrell meal I mentioned last week, the Frittata w/Fingerling Potatoes was awesome.  Kev made the enchiladas that I planned to make and they turned out AWESOME. Two really awesome meals last week. Never made it to the quinoa burgers but going to pick out a different veggie burger to try this week.

We went out with friends to Seasons 52 this past Saturday for my belated birthday celebration.  It.was.awesome. The food and service was nothing I expected, much greater.  I’ll be blogging about the experience on our family travel blog.  Be on the lookout!

Hubby is craving some homemade chocolate chip cookies so I might bake up a batch of those as well this week.

What’s on your menu this week?

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      Usually just breakfast for dinner but I love waffles topped with peanut butter, Greek yogurt and bananas (sometimes strawberries).

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      Us too! We tried using the waffle maker with Flapjack mix but Kev did not enjoy that. I thought they were OK but we are just going to go with real waffle mix since we don’t have it that often.

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      Oh boy well…I had tuna for lunch so we had a quick veggie dog (me)/chicken sausage (him) with sweet potato fries and veg baked beans. I don’t see the rest of the week matching up too well but we’ll see. Trying to keep ourselves from ordering in Chinese lol

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    I really like how you keep meals simple. I’m all for that. :) I’m glad to hear that you had some fabulous meals last week, too. Good food is great to enjoy, especially with family and friends.

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      Oh yea if they weren’t simple, I don’t think I could cook. It’s always great when a meal turns out so tasty. I’m shocked Kev has liked most of the stuff I have made. Thanks to Pinterest and The Food Network!

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